Champagne Moutard-Diligent:
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We have been making wine for several generations, producing a range of Champagnes from our own grapes and from grapes purchased from our vine-growing friends. The Côte des Bar soil, made up of clays and limestones, gives the traditional Champagne varieties – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – those very special rich, fruity aromas which are so much appreciated by connoisseurs. The blending of wines kept from several years enables us to offer a range of Champagnes of reliable quality.
So that we can offer Champagnes at a perfect stage of maturity, ready for drinking, our production is cellar-aged for at least three years or between ten and fifteen years for vintage wines. From the beginning of the wine-making process to the first sign of sparkling, our ancient methods have been enriched by the latest techniques in controlling the quality of the products.
Generations of winemakers since the 17th century
Population records show the presence of our families in Buxeuil as early as 1642.
Very old cellar records tell the story of our activities as winemakers and form the basis of our centuries-old family tradition. The creation of Champagne is the result of an authentic tradition which requires each family to experiment with and enrich its own techniques.
At the close of the XIXth century, Hyacinthe Diligent was experimenting with techniques for distilling the Champagne marc which made our company famous.
Scrupulously set down in writing, these recipes are still the foundation stone of our expertise.

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